Security Features of the SuperCheck

The SuperCheck is a new high-security personal check designed to help prevent check fraud. It is the check specifically designed "for people with something to lose." At the forefront of security, the SuperCheck is designed with 12 safety features, making the check extremely difficult to replicate or alter. To receive information, click here.

Overt Security Features:

Fourdrinier Watermark

The SuperCheck contains a Fourdrinier (true) watermark that is pressed into the paper at the mill and is visible from either side when held to the light. This dual-tone watermark provides instant authenticity of the document and is virtually impossible to replicate, copy or scan.

Thermochromatic Ink

The back of the SuperCheck contains a seal printed with thermochromatic (heat-sensitive) ink that changes colors when heated. This thermochromatic seal can be rubbed for instant authentication of the check. Color copiers cannot reproduce the reactivity of thermochromatic ink.

High-Resolution Borders

The SuperCheck is engineered with intricately designed borders that are difficult to duplicate. High-resolution borders are ideal for covert security because the design often distorts when copied.


The SuperCheck contains printing so small that it appears as a broken line or pattern to the human eye. When scanned or photocopied, microprinting will often blur on the copy.

Chemical Wash Detection Boxes

The back of the SuperCheck contains a specially designed box engineered to deter check washing. The check is sensitive to over 80 chemicals, and the box makes chemical tampering instantly evident.

Prismatic Printing

The design of the SuperCheck includes a background of subtle gradations between multiple colors. This level of color distinction is difficult to reproduce on most color copiers.

Laid Lines

Lines of varying width and spacing are printed on the back of each SuperCheck to deter cut-and-paste alterations.

Warning Banner

The SuperCheck has a warning banner that explicitly describes specific overt security features and advises the recipient to look for these features before accepting the check. This warning banner may also deter a forger from "experimenting" with the check.

Covert Security Features:

Controlled Paper Stock

The SuperCheck is manufactured using imported premium-grade security paper. This paper is not available in America, except as the SuperCheck, making it nearly impossible for a forger to replicate the check. The paper contains a true watermark, is reactive to 85 chemicals, and is extremely tightly controlled.

Chemically Reactive Paper

The SuperCheck reacts to 85 different chemicals. When chemically washed, the SuperCheck and its chemical wash detection box discolor, and no longer look like the original document.

Ultraviolet Light-Sensitive Ink

Under UV light, the word "AUTHENTIC" appears on the SuperCheck, which serves to authenticate the check as original.

Ultraviolet Light-Sensitive Fibers

The imported paper used in the SuperCheck contains ultraviolet light-sensitive fibers that fluoresce under UV light and further serve as an authentication tool.

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